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Hi. I’m Jeremy Gimbel, known by many as @dreadfullyposh.

I’m an experienced web developer, strategist, and team leader based in South Philadelphia. I get excited about the intersection of communication and technology on the web, bridging the two to solve organizational problems.

I work with an amazing team of developers, designers and marketers at Happy Cog to build and maintain world-class websites for an impressive roster of clients. I also founded Conflux Group in 2010, through which I have offered my experience and expertise in web development and strategy to clients across many industries and geographies.

A Philadelphia-area local, I graduated from Drexel University. I have held leadership positions at two non-profit organizations, where I delivered impactful digital communication by blending my interests in technology, communication and organizational leadership.

Jeremy's Skills & Experience

My experience is broad. Ranging from web development, to content marketing, project management, and team leadership.

Web Development

  • Craft CMS
  • ExpressionEngine
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Laravel
  • Docker

Web Marketing

  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Lead Generation


  • Budget Planning
  • Project Management
  • Employee Performance and Development
  • Team Leadership
  • Process Development

Jeremy's Writing

I write about a variety of topics, including web development, leadership, management, humor, and LGBTQ+ issues on Medium.

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Get in Touch With Jeremy

The majority of my time is spent working for Happy Cog, however I do take on occasional consulting and speaking gigs.

Get in touch with me:

Recruiters, please do not contact me. I’m not looking for employment at this time.

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